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Our School Uniform

  • Grey skirt / pinafore / trousers               

  • Navy blue V necked jumper                  

  • Sky blue shirt

  • Grey tights or socks          

  • Black shoes             

  • School tie blue, white & navy stripe

 Available from O’Sullivans Mens Shop, Mullingar and the school office. 


Uniform items are generic and can be purchased from any store that sells uniforms.

The school crest is also available in the school office and can be purchased separately -  € 6

On warm days, navy sports shorts may be worn


School  tracksuit:

School tracksuit: generic navy sweatshirt and navy sweatpants 

  • crest for the school tracksuit may be purchased from the Office       

  • Sky blue polo shirt              

  • Runners

   - If you child cannot tie laces, please ensure that their runners have velcro straps

       Uniform must be worn every day except on swimming day and P.E. day

when the school tracksuit must be worn.

Please ensure all uniforms, coats and other personal belongings are clearly labelled.

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