Parents Association


The Parents Association works with the Principal and Staff to promote a good working relationship between parents and the school. This ensures parents & guardians are represented in matters which relate to their children and are involved in decision making processes affecting the school. Membership is open to every parent/guardian in the school. New members are always very welcome. The AGM is held at the start of the school year and all parents/guardians are welcome to attend.


Parental Involvement


As a Catholic school, we believe that the school is not an isolated unit but a union of many people who come together to give it life and meaning. The triple partnership of home, school and parish is essential. We aim to establish this relationship through;


  • Encouraging a shared commitment to the success of each individual child

  • Encouraging an ethos of understanding and openness in home-school-parish relationships

  • Helping parents to develop a positive role in complementing and supporting the work of the school in educating their children.